This online roulette site is dedicated to finding you the best roulette games online as well as providing tips, tricks and techniques to help you maximize your roulette odds.

Roulette online is a fun game that hundreds of thousands of people enjoy online. It is also one of the easiest games to play, though it is important to have a good roulette strategy when you play roulette online.

The best strategy for roulette is to have a definite plan of what you can do with your bankroll and know when to quit. Avoid placing bets on the high odds slots as while tempting, you are unlikely to win.

Some of the best places to place a roulette bet are on the even paying positions such as red/black, even/odd.  Even though the payout on these is less, the odds are much fairer at just under 50% (it’s more like 48.7% if using a European Roulette table).

If you want to play roulette online, try to avoid playing on an American roulette table as this has an extra zero slot and so will decrease your odds of winning at roulette.  Some French roulette tables will have the “En prison” rule which will decrease the house edge even further.

Above all, when playing online roulette, have fun and know when to stop!


No need to go to casinos- get the free roulette online

Finding free roulette online to play is not difficult. With a number of websites offering this game to be played for free the search has become easy. One can make a lot of money by playing the free roulette online. The most advantageous way is to form strategies regarding how you will go about the game. Once you have played enough you will get a good idea of how to go about the game and what works best. Once you learn this winning becomes an easy task. However, this does not mean that the chances to lose are totally eliminated. Gambling is all about losing and winning. Even if you lose there are ways to minimise your losses. Whether you are an experienced player or just a beginner, the fundamental rule is to make a budget regarding how much you can lose. Start off with betting with ten percent of the amount kept aside and when you lose half the amount budget it is best to stop. This way you get to play also and your losses are minimised. Getting swayed by this game is very easy. People bet little by little and land up losing lots of money. So you should be wise and cautious and stop when your budget is exhausted.

When playing the free roulette online you should choose the right website as there are many sites which are operating as scams just to make money. So deciding on the right one is the most important. You will find platforms on the internet where reviews about various sites offering free roulette online are posted by people. This is the best way to decide the website you want to play through. Since you also get a bonus when you sign up with a website you may want o check which website offers you the most amount of bonus.

There are people who have actually made a considerable amount of money by playing roulette and this is not difficult at all. But you have to have a plan of how you will go about playing. It is only then that you have chances of winning.

There are many advantages of the free roulette online such as no noise, no distractions, no long queues to wait for your turn and you can play at your own time and when you want. Most importantly when playing online you can refer to other websites which give you hints and tips of how to go about it which otherwise would not have been possible in a casino.


Perhaps the very first advice that you may get if you want to win at roulette is to play the European roulette table. The reason behind this is very simple. This reason tells you that between the two kinds of roulette games that you can choose from, the European roulette table can provide you a better edge compared to the other kind of roulette game.

If you were to choose the European roulette table, it is important for you to learn about it. You have to understand the ins and outs of the game to make it easier for you to play and win it.

The European Roulette Table – The Roulette Wheel

In playing the European roulette table, the first thing that you must learn about is the roulette wheel. The roulette wheel practically describes everything that is roulette, and tells us what makes the European roulette table different from the American roulette table.

The European roulette table wheel consists of numbers and colors. It has numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero (0) and colors red, black and green. These colors normally house the numbers on the European roulette table wheel. The numbers on the red color are 3, 12, 7, 18, 9, 14, 1, 16, 5, 23, 30, 36, 27, 34, 25, 21, 19 and 32. On the other hand, the numbers on the black color are 26, 35, 28, 29, 22, 31, 20, 33, 24, 10, 8, 11, 13, 6, 17, 2, 4, and 15. Furthermore, the green color houses the single zero (0).

The roulette wheel on the American roulette table is different from the roulette wheel found on the European roulette table in such a way that the American roulette table wheel has an extra slot, which is the double zero (00) slot. This extra slot is very significant to your odds of winning since it increases the house edge to 5.26% from 2.7% without it. This set of percentages is the mathematical proof that you have a better chance in winning at roulette if you play in the European roulette table.

The European Roulette Table – The Roulette Betting Layout

Now that you already have an idea of what a European roulette table wheel looks like, it is important to understand another crucial part of the game. This part works hand in hand with the roulette wheel and is called the roulette betting layout.

The European roulette table betting layout is where you will be placing your bet. It reflects that numbers and colors that you can find on the roulette wheel.

The European roulette table betting layout is divided into two sections. These sections are the outside and inside betting area. The outside betting area is where you can make outside bets such as high or low, red or black, odd or even, dozen and column bets. Conversely, the inside betting area is where you can place inside bets like straight-up, split, trio, street, corner, square and line bets.

These are the factors that make a European roulette table game. Try to familiarize yourself with the roulette wheel, the roulette betting layout and the kinds of roulette bets that you can make on the European roulette table. Practice and start winning European roulette table games.


Roulette is a game that interests many people and Roulette online free has become popular too. Roulette is played in casinos and there are different types of roulette games. Given the busy schedules that people have these days, it is always not possible to go to casinos for games. Is for this reason that the Roulette online free has gained its popularity. There are several online casinos where a person can enjoy the game.

So whether you are stuck up at the airport, or want a break from your grueling work schedule, you can log on to Roulette online free. The game rules of online roulette may vary from one casino to another. Most of these games are made more interesting for the players by adding new elements to the game. In a free game you will not have to pay money to buy ships, and such games are generally played like point game. While there may be other online casinos which charge for memberships and offers Roulette online free.

In the Roulette online free a player can place bets by taking his/her own time. This is quite unlike the real games at the casinos where the player has to place the bet in a very short span of time. For people who are new into the game, it is always better to pay the online practice games prior to the ones in which the transaction of money is involved. Roulette online free is the best place for players to try out their strategies of the game.

If you are planning you next vacation to Vegas, then Roulette online free is the best option for you to try out your roulette gaming skills. Once you understand the games and how it is played, you will feel more comfortable trying your hand at casino roulette.

The only disadvantage of the Roulette online free is that a person can get easily addicted to the game. Since the player has nothing to lose and the games are interesting, more and more time is devoted in playing and breaking records. Thus it is important to ration the time one spends at Roulette online free. It is a good recreational activity when taken up in moderation.

Luck is as important as game strategy when you are playing Roulette online free. Therefore, it is suggested that the game should not be played emotionally. Be rational while you are making your bets. Decide the time or a point when you have to stop!


Roulette online is a casino game which beginners should start with when they venture into the world of casino games and betting. The rules of the game are not difficult to learn but you must have a strategy to guide you through the game. But the whole game of roulette online is to get maximum profits and minimise the losses. So first of all , which even the experienced players would recommend is to play the European roulette and not the American roulette as there are more chances of winning in the former. In a game of roulette one needs to bet on numbers and the colours red and black. It is recommended that you bet on the outside ones, i.e. the colours and the odd or even numbers rather than the inside ones, i.e. the numbers. You must also have a budget for the game. Losing is inevitable.

You cannot expect that you will always win and hence it is advisable that you keep aside a sum of money which you can afford to lose. When you start playing bet with one tenth of the amount but stop when u lose half the amount that you have set aside. Gambling is an addiction and you do not realise how far you have gone until it is too late. So if from the beginning you are wise and prudent and cautious with the money it is a safe bet. You should learn to exercise self control in this game. It is very easy to get swayed and if this happened you land up losing lots of money which crosses your budget.

Practising roulette online is good as it will help you to master the game. You will realise with practice how to go about the game so that there are more chances of wining. Since you play this from home you play without any interruptions. There are many websites offering this game and that too fro free. You just need to download the software and once you do so, some of them give you bonuses also. All you need to do is to create an account for yourself and start playing. So you can have fun and make a profit at the same time.

You can also play roulette online live via a video stream. You will play with people paying at the same time as you thereby giving you the thrill of playing in an actual casino.


Roulette is one of the casino games that many gamblers enjoy. A game of roulette is incredibly exciting but aside from the excitement that it provides, roulette players certainly have a chance to make some money out of playing it. Despite the fact that winning at roulette depends on luck, there are several things that you can do to help you have a better chance in winning more roulette games. One of the most important things that you must never take for granted is to practice. In practicing, you can make use of free roulette wheel games to give you enough time to understand the mechanics of a roulette game and the strategies that you can apply on them.

Finding the Best Free Roulette Wheel Games

A free roulette wheel game is unique to online roulette. You cannot avail of these games if you play roulette in land based casinos. Basically, free roulette wheel games aim to promote online casinos or online roulette websites. Since there have been too many online casinos or roulette websites established today, the competition among them has gotten tougher.

At this point in time, you will be able to find a variety of roulette bonuses or a free roulette wheel game. Some online casinos or roulette websites make free roulette wheel games available by doubling your initial deposit or by giving you some extra chips for free roulette play. Other casinos have demo games which will allow you to get a feel or to warm up before the real game. You will have a sort of demo credit to use in making your bets. Once you have drained your demo credit, you may opt to play the real game or play some more demo roulette. Apart from these kinds of free roulette wheel games, you can also make use of flash roulette games which you can directly play online or you can also download roulette games on your computer.

What you have to remember is that there are plenty of roulette scams online. You have to be careful when choosing an online casino or roulette website to join especially during such time when you have to make certain payments. Verify the authenticity of the roulette website or online casino that you are interested in before you register. In this way, you can avoid scammers and make the most of the money that you are going to spend on playing roulette.

Free Roulette Wheel Games for Novice and Advanced Roulette Players

Free roulette wheel games are very advantageous for all roulette players whether they are beginners or expert roulette players. A free roulette wheel game is the best roulette game to play for practice because you feel very relaxed when you play it since you don’t really have to be concerned whether you win or lose. When you feel more relaxed, you can make better observations about the things that happen during the game. Take advantage of free roulette wheel games and learn as much as you can from playing these games.


Can you beat roulette? This question is as ancient as the roulette game itself. Perhaps, millions of roulette players have asked this particular question about roulette. For a gambling game such as roulette, the question “Can you beat roulette?” can be quite ironic to ask. That is because gamblers know that a casino or the house always gets the better odds in any gambling game. Nevertheless, despite of how ironic the question “Can you beat roulette?” is, it can be answered logically. Having the right knowledge about roulette can bring you to the right and most proper answer to the question “Can you beat roulette?”

Can You Beat Roulette? – Know Your Roulette Odds

Can you beat roulette? If you think that you can beat roulette every time by winning every game you play, then you are on the wrong side of the road. In roulette, beating it means to win more and lose less. So, how can you do this?

Can you beat roulette and be a genuine winner? You sure can by understanding how the game works.

First, you should know your roulette odds. By knowing what your chances are on the roulette table, you will know the right moves to make. For instance, the two kinds of roulette games that you can play or choose from provide different roulette odds. The European or single zero roulette game can give the house a 2.7% advantage. On the other hand, the American or double zero roulette game gives the house a 5.26% advantage. This means that you have a better roulette odd if you play the European or single zero roulette game.

Another example on how you can actually answer “Yes” to the question “Can you beat roulette?” is by knowing the different betting options that you have. On the betting layout, you can either make an inside or an outside bet. These bets have their corresponding roulette odds. For example, if you make a straight up bet or betting on a single number, you will have a 36:1 or a 2.7% odd using the European roulette wheel. However, if you make a dozen bet, you will have a 3.1:1 or a 32.43% probability of winning using the European roulette wheel. To positively answer the question “Can you beat roulette?”, the idea is to use a betting system or betting systems that will allow you to cover a wide area on the roulette betting layout.

Can You Beat Roulette? – Set a Budget

Once again, if you want to beat roulette wheel, you should find the most effective ways on how can win more games. Nonetheless, apart from this, another way to get a “Yes” on the question “Can you beat roulette?” is to know your limits.

Playing roulette can be very costly. This game can also be very addictive. Some roulette players lose the game in a very brutal way. Some end up with unimaginable debts. Bear in mind that a roulette game wasn’t just created to bag some extra cash. It is a social game created for fun. If you were to lose some games, make sure that you are only going to lose what you can afford to pay. If it comes to a point when you have to go beyond what you can really pay for, then that is absolutely unhealthy.

Before you start making bets, set a budget and never ever go beyond this budget. This is how you can answer “Yes” to the question “Can you beat roulette?”


Free online roulette is now provided by websites. All that a player is required to do is to download the website and start playing. Infact once you download it you also get a bonus to start you off on the game. It is the same as the game you would physically play in a casino. The rules of the game are simple to understand and as you keep playing you learn the trick of the trade. The player has to bet on a number that the ball will land on the when the wheel is spun. The players bet on the numbers, the colours red or black and the whether it would be an odd or even number. The free online roulette has the maximum amount of bets one can put and the most common bets are row, red or black, high, double high or low and so on.

When going in for the free online roulette, you have to register on the website and make your own account. You then have deposit some amount of money to start playing. The amount of money that you want to bet is converted into chips as in casinos the games are played with chips and not actual cash. So you buy the chips from the cash you have. You the click to spin the wheel and if the ball lands on the number or colour you chose, you are then the winner.

This game does not require much thinking and you learn while playing. Moreover, you can actually make money by playing using the free online roulette. People have tried it and vouch for it. These people had to work hard to get a meagre amount at the end of the day. So they tried their hand at this game and very soon they realised that they can actually make big money from it. All you need to do is understand the game and make some useful strategies and also be careful and cautious. One of the reasons is that when you play the roulette online you can take the help of other websites too as no one is watching unlike a casino where you have the staff keeping an eye on everyone.

Online roulette is considered by some as the best means of entertainment. It is advisable that you play the European roulette which has a single zero unlike the American one which has a single zero and double zeros. This extra zero which does not favor the player at all.


One has to spend a little time on the search engines to find the best online roulette. There are thousand of online casinos which have the game of roulette. Thus a player is spilt for choice. Therefore, it is always better to look for game sites which are registered and legal. Many game parlors may claim to be the best online roulette but it is not always true.

Online casinos have their own rules which may vary from the ones which are used at regular casinos. These rules make the game more interesting. But there are some casinos online which use these rules to cheat the players. Some casinos online may raise the bet as and when they want, which forces a player to put in more money. Therefore such game casinos should be avoided at all costs. Best online roulette would be one which is played on a fair basis and takes the players wins into considerations too.

In a online roulette, the player tries to predict the pocket in which the ball will fall once the wheel comes to a stop. They can thus place their bets accordingly. The payouts at such games will vary, depending on the number of correct options made by the player. Best online roulette would be one where the games are not pre set and the player is allowed to play and win fairly.

There are many people who have the mind set that roulette is game of luck. Well, there is no doubt about it, but you can also apply strategies to make the odds of the game work in the favor of the player. The Best online roulette games are just like the ones you would play in a casino. So you can use the strategies to win the games of roulette online too.

To find the best online roulette you will have to try playing at different game sites. It is suggested that you play the free games at different sites to know the game plan and rules better. Once you have tries several game sites, you can find one that meets your criteria of the Best online roulette. Start betting money only when you are sure about the game site completely.

The online games have become extremely popular. People all over the world play online games as it is the best kind of recreation. If you are planning to bet on roulette then it is highly recommended that you look for best online roulette game sites.