Martingale Roulette System Explained

Roulette is known to be an unbeatable game and for many years, roulette players have tried to come up with the most effective roulette strategy. Although, none of the roulette strategies that have been created has actually beaten the game completely, they basically provide an ample amount of guidance on how roulette players should play roulette. Among the many strategies created hoping to win more roulette games and considered to be the oldest and perhaps the most popular is the Martingale roulette system. Read on to learn more about this system.

What is the Martingale Roulette System

The Martingale roulette system is one of the most classic roulette strategies used until today. It is as old as the roulette game itself. It was created and first used in the 18th century in France. This is the same century and the same place where roulette was created and first played. The Martingale roulette system was a commonly used roulette strategy in land based casino roulette games. Now that there are roulette games that can be played online or through online casinos, the Martingale roulette strategy is still a very well-liked strategy in playing roulette.

Millions of roulette players both in online and live casinos have used and are using the Martingale betting system. What makes this system very appealing is that it is very simple and anyone can easily learn how to use and apply it. Unlike other kinds of roulette systems or betting strategies for roulette, the Martingale roulette system is not dependent on any mathematical equations. It is a system which would teach and tell roulette players how they should make their bets on the roulette table.

The Martingale principle or the basic idea of the Martingale roulette system is to double or increase your bets after you lose a game. This kind of betting is called progressive betting. The reason why you should double or increase your bet is for you to recover your losses once you have won a game. The Martingale roulette system works this way; you could start with a $1 bet. If you lose a game, you should make a $2 bet. If you lose again, you should make a $3. And so on and so forth.

What are the Risks of Using the Martingale Roulette System

Once again, there is no fool-proof way nor is there a safe way to win at roulette. That is basically why roulette is a gambling game. It means that you have to gamble. If you are going to use the Martingale roulette system, you have to understand that you need to have a very good source of fund for it. This is because the Martingale roulette system can be quite a costly system to use in case you lose consecutively.

To give you a view of how costly it can be, here is a very good example.

If you start with the $1 bet and lose eight times, you may need $255 for your ninth bet. If you start with a $5 bet, you will need $1, 275 for your ninth bet in case you lose eight times.

This is basically the primary risk of using the Martingale roulette system. Nevertheless, it a strategy worth trying because if you get really lucky, you can win more than what the bets that you have made if you use the Martingale roulette system.

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